Powerful VoIP telephone systems for your business

Are you thinking of upgrading your telephone communications infrastructure, consolidating or moving offices, or opening a call centre? Advantia designs VoIP enabled telephone systems tailored exactly for your business.


  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development.
  • Best-in-class open standards based Voice over IP.
  • Competitive local and long distance service.
  • Unified dialing across multiple locations.
  • No vendor lock-in.


Picking up the phone and hearing a dial tone is generally taken for granted, but when your business depends on it, service, reliability and flexibility are essensial.

With zero licensing fees, complete standards compliance, and a myriad of features, a VoIP telephone system from Advantia will more than keep up with the growth of your business. Moreover, Advantia employs the very best in open source software to keep set-up costs ultra-competition. The ability to add unlimited users and extensions means that inter-connecting offices, enabling telecommuting, or expanding a call center could not be simpler. Our Voice over IP systems are developed using the Asterisk, OpenSIPS and select Open Source VoIP projects. Whatever your telephone system challenge, Advantia enables you to do more with less.


Advantia VoIP Systems is a leading Canadian technology firm specializing in VoIP communication systems and the networks that they depend on. Advantia has been deploying Asterisk systems for years and our Asterisk engineering group has the experience required to successfully design, implement and support mission-critical VoIP communication platforms for organizations of all sizes; from busy call centres to fledgling startups.

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